Our products participate in online and offline sales and in international trade.

We adapt them to the following distribution channels and production niches:

  • Mass market - lower, middle and premium segments, gifts, promotional products
  • Drugstores - value-added products and special products
  • Pharmacies - products with a positive health effect and natural cosmetics
  • Professional cosmetics - hairdressers, beauticians, massage, wellness and Spa, treatments, doctors, etc.
  • Perfumery - top products
  • HoReCa - products for hotels, catering and tourist destinations
  • Special stores - Duty free, BIO stores, Ethno, Drugstores, gas stations...
  • Sports shops and organizations - products for Gym, sport and recreation
  • B2B - companies that sell or give away to companies (promotional and hygiene products)
  • Public and state institutions - hygiene products for institutions, companies, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.
  • Market for pets - mass market and specialized stores for pets)
  • Private labels - arrangements
  • On line - shop