About us

We create every day new products and collections or we develop existing ones at the request of our customers.

 Milla Cosmetics d.o.o.

Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. is a manufacturing trading company founded in 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia with the aim of developing and producing cosmetic preparations of all types and purposes. Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. founded in 2019, continues the tradition with a business orientation on products with added value and special products, private label and export arrangements, and in this direction continuously increases the offer and capacities.



After many years of working in a pharmacy, Ph.D. Blaženka Hladnik realized that a large number of people have major or minor skin problems, and that the market does not offer a sufficient number of adequate cosmetic products that can solve these problems. Therefore, in 1990, she transferred her passion for making cosmetic preparations and skin care to the company Milla d.o.o. in Zagreb, Croatia.

The company provided an organizational and financial framework for the development and production of all kinds of products that could not be done in a pharmacy. By choosing natural and non-aggressive raw materials and using pharmacological and other professional knowledge, cosmetic products of various purposes and properties were created. In the beginning, Milla d.o.o. offered face care products. Especially for dry and sensitive skin. After that, hand and body care products (hand care and body care). They were sold in pharmacies and through direct sales.

In the wartime environment, the supply was adapted to the situation and followed the needs of the market. For this reason, products for the needs of large companies (various hygienic toilet products and detergents) were developed, which enabled the company to survive in a devastated market. A wide range of shampoos, soaps, conditioners, shower gels, lotions, milk and other products covered the needs of current customers. This assortment had a significant impact on the business because it pushed the company towards large companies that were looking for certain types of products and private brands, so that part of the assortment became dominant in the business. Due to our openness to the market, we responded to numerous inquiries and solved problems from different areas and distribution channels.

Products for the mass market, pharmacies, drugstores and perfumeries were created and developed. It was necessary to make classic as well as numerous special formulations and products according to special requirements. Some lines are adapted to the needs of professionals such as beauticians, hairdressers, chiropractors, sports and other massage therapists (treatments). This allowed us to classify our assortment and differentiate certain groups of products significantly from others. In one period, Milla d.o.o. has become the leading company for the production of cosmetics in private label arrangements in the wider area. In addition, we made products for other areas as well. On average, always for approx. 12 countries. Our products have been successfully sold in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. We produced in 3 shifts 24/7 about 5 million different products per year with about 5000 pallets and developed more than 100 different products every year.

As we worked more and more with large chains in the mass market, we began to observe each assortment through their classification and supplemented each group with special items, which led us to complete the groups with products of different types and purposes (such as hair care, body care, MEN, etc. .). Since then, we have observed each job by first locating the products in groups and defining the characteristics of the market, that is, the products that are desirable precisely for our subject of work. That's how we created serious collections of baby products, products for pregnant and breastfeeding women, men's cosmetics, products for sun protection and simultaneous skin care and other thematic or mini collections as our own creations or at the request of our customers. Recognized as an innovative and flexible company, Milla d.o.o. often attracted inquiries with each new trend that emerged. The development team understood this as a challenge and immediately studied the problem and created products based on the solution of a particular problem. Then we created technologies and turned solutions into commercial products that we offered to the market in relatively short terms.

This is how special product lines were created according to special criteria such as: Wellness and Spa, Tattoo aftercare, CBD products, Halal products, natural repellents, KIDS products, special products for pregnant and lactating women, Sport support and Promotional products for B2B business. About 10 years ago, it was decided to significantly reduce the share of mass market and cheap products in the business and to focus development and production on luxury products and those with added value. Business orientation is again focused on pharmacies, perfumeries and special distribution channels with higher levels of product quality and price.



With these goals, business continued through the company Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. which was founded in 2019. Specialized teams have been formed for specific areas that develop their competencies through internal and external education. The business orientation is aimed at following modern trends in skin care and protection and developing products suitable for individual markets. Since then, we have been creating and producing completely personalized cosmetics.

In this sense, we have developed new and futuristic groups of articles in accordance with certain contemporary skin care problems. These are products for the care of atopic skin, special products for the care and recovery of the skin of oncology patients, antipollution products for protection and care in conditions of increased air pollution, products for the enhanced care of elderly skin considering the increase in the elderly population and their needs, various special fragrance preparations for improvement of the feeling and overall condition of the organism in modern conditions (Pulse point), personalized products made according to the skin status, products intended for business and individual gifts, as well as special products needed in motion and on trips (Travel), and in nature and during sports and recreation (Sports and Outdoor).

We develop specialized product groups with a careful selection of raw materials of the highest quality from reliable sources. We follow subspecialization requirements in both procurement and sales. When creating each product, our development team observes its position and role in the treatment, so it is enriched with the necessary ingredients to perform multiple functions simultaneously. Care is also taken that the formulations are not complicated and too heavy for the skin, considering their status and capabilities.

It is very important that each group of products is created so that the products can be overlapped and applied to the same area at intervals or at the same time and leave synergistic results in the area of application.

Our formulations fully meet the criteria set for natural products, Eco-cert products, Organic products, Vegan products and No harsh products. We also work with various categories of packaging, such as recycled and packaging with the highest ecological references.

For the French market, we are developing a range of base products that allow consumers to incorporate the selected ingredients into them and create personalized cosmetic preparations themselves.

For the American and African markets, we create special preparations for the care of black skin and the care and washing of curly hair. Many products have an innovative approach, composition, content or purpose. Several products have been rated innovative by international expert judges and awarded medals and other recognitions at international innovation exhibitions.

Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. operates in the space of small, flexible teams that do not lag behind the world's strongest companies with their quality of operations, and compete with them in the speed of adaptation to the market, i.e. the ability to instantly adapt business activities to the latest requirements of world trends, as well as customer requirements, creating specific, ecologically oriented and innovative products.


Our Mission is the creation, development and production of cosmetic and other preparations that achieve adequate skin care and protection in modern living and working conditions. Our mission is to maintain an attractive offer to our customers, especially in the private label business segment. We achieve this goal with the quality of our products and operations.

Our mission is to continuously maintain the attractiveness of the offer of our business partners, especially customers of "private label" products. We do this with product quality and business quality.



Our passion is skin care and protection as a prerequisite (healthy way) of modern man's functioning, as well as preserving the natural functions of our skin, which contributes to its healthy and beautiful appearance. Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. as a modern and competent organization for the creation, development and production of cosmetic and other products will actively contribute to solving problems related to the skin and its adequate care. We want to be a favourable environment for the development of young experts, innovators and ideas related to the subject of our profession.


Our approach to market requirements

Now Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. with its 20 or so employees in the production sector and warehouse, and with another 20 or so permanent associates organized into specialized teams, it functions according to the project principle. For each inquiry, each job and each customer, a work team is formed that interdisciplinary analyzes creates and implements that project. At certain stages, this team includes other internal and external groups and irreplaceable individuals. Milla Cosmetics d.o.o. brings together a wide base of professional and reliable companies, individuals and social entities (institutes, laboratories, etc.) that are competent in a certain area or are subspecialized in certain scientific disciplines required for the project.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we select prominent producers and distributors of all types of raw materials to achieve synergy and added value of the product already in the selection and combination of raw materials. Our knowledge of packaging and trends enables us to procure quality, even the latest trendy items, to ensure correct prices so that the packaging does not unnecessarily increase the price of the product. Our development team has vast experience in selecting ingredients, combining them and creating formulations with added value and according to the required properties in a short period. We use services on a partnership basis with various companies, studios and individuals who deal with design and marketing, so as long-term participants in social and market processes, they can make an invaluable contribution to the development of a new product or line without it being too expensive for the project.

The development team, the design team and the procurement team are flexible to the extent that they can adapt and provide quality support even with multiple changes to the task and in a very short period of time, as well as with unconventional requests. The rich experience of working with various distribution channels over many years gives us a clear picture of what is happening in a particular channel even today, so we can quickly analyze the situation, competition and trends, and based on this, propose advanced solutions to our customers and business partners and so save them time and unnecessary costs in the joint creation of an attractive product or collection.

We put our knowledge and experience, as well as a range of over 2,500 own recipes from our own 20 or so technological processes, on the agenda when we prepare an offer for a specific market as well as for a specific distribution channel. With our customers and business partners, we develop the project of creating products or entire collections professionally and together so that all participants contribute to the maximum. We understand that the definition of each parameter is very important for the position and life of the product, and we all want to follow it on the market and not only until delivery. Markets are usually formed according to the territory of the country, and practically each one has its own specificities, which we take into account in our offer.

Each distribution channel responds to the specific needs and habits of its customers, and the product is often required to be adapted to it, which we understand as a standard requirement in business. For each distribution channel and for each customer, as well as for each product or project, a special concept and plan is created that is only available to project participants. Each project is specific and individualized and is carried out that way.


Advanced warehouse operations

A modern organized warehouse business with standardized procedures and processes and an educated team can maintain competent processing of any type and quantities according to the given parameters. Flexibility and precision in business enable us to carry out warehousing operations for other business entities as well, and often also complicated assembly operations.
This is why our warehouse team can also support advanced activities that are necessary for product personalization, drop shipping and other special requests. We dynamically adjust and develop our business capacities according to the needs of the business. The current situation is the basis for planning and optimizing the available capacities. In this way, we can even urgently increase them when necessary and relax them with adequately received orders.



We are constantly developing and checking our knowledge and competencies. This is evidenced by numerous criteria and standards that we have implemented in our daily work procedures and processes.


Innovative products and innovative business

Innovation solves a specific problem that has not been solved or improves an existing solution, i.e. a product. The creation or development of any product implies precisely a problem that has not been solved or the improvement of an existing product. So, we have been doing innovative work since the beginning. We can say that our products are innovative in their function, composition and
relation to the skin and the environment. Whoever can create this type of product must be innovative by nature. It has to understand constraints differently, innovatively and flexibly combine opportunities to achieve synergy and results where most do not expect it. Or to do more and better than average.

Innovation in the creation of solutions/concepts, in procurement, creation of technologies, production and logistics enables us to solve numerous seemingly impossible problems and requirements. That's why innovation can't just be a brief achievement in some individual cases. It must be a way of working that adorns the entire company and all employees.
We create and implement such a feature in the way of thinking and in the way of working. This is why we can say that we produce innovative products, but also have an innovative business that has been awarded multiple times by international authorities. These are some of the awards and recognitions.


Awards and recognitions

 Jedna od brojnih medalja. Zlatna Kuna 1999


Business relationship

With each business partner, we want to achieve a professional business relationship based on correct and fair play behaviour, a scientific approach to work and a long-term business relationship. We are ready to understand the needs of a certain market, adapt our offer and develop assortments according to the situation and realistic possibilities.

In addition to products, we also provide professional support in the education of our customers' sales staff and other necessary services in order to improve business cooperation and joint performance on the market. We also accept business relationships with companies that have the same or similar offer for joint performance on a particular market. We are ready to support projects for the creation of local distribution points, as well as the opening of production capacities in certain locations.


Choice of company

We can turn your ideas, wishes and goals into reality in a relatively short period of time. Our goal is to get from an idea to a positioned product with an acceptable budget.

These are some of the reasons why our customers choose Milla Cosmetics d.o.o.:

  • Partnership based relationship
  • Scientific approach
  • Competent support
  • Interdisciplinary work
  • Complete assortment
  • Customer customization
  • Custom creation to idea
  • Custom creation to target
  • Production
  • Confectioning
  • Personalization
  • Development of existing articles
  • Best buy offer
  • Available location
  • Project monitoring
  • High product quality
  • High-quality business
  • Long-term business relationship

    We create products that make it possible to maintain a humane working and living space, despite increasing pollution and other negative impacts on the skin and people in the work process, but also during other activities (in sports, during recreation, on vacation).

    In order to solve specific problems, we are oriented towards the production of preparations with the maximum proportion of natural ingredients offered to the user, rather than consumer trends. Everything we do, we do in such a way that we preserve the environment to the greatest extent and do not harm the flora and fauna.